Easy Fence Installation at Menards®

Easy Fence Installation

Adding a fence to your home can serve several purposes. It can show where your property lines are, add privacy and even give your home aesthetic appeal.

The first and most important thing you need to do is call the Diggers Hotline at least three days before you dig (811 or 800-242-5211) and check your local codes. The Diggers Hotline will come out and mark where any buried utility lines are so that you can safely move on with your project. When you know where it's safe to dig, you can mark and measure where you want your fence to be. Use stakes at each corner and string a line between them so that you can be sure everything is aligned correctly.

Before you install the fence you need to secure fence posts into the ground. These will be needed on all corners; either side of gates and where any panels join. If you are installing 4' x 8' pre-assembled fence panels, you will start at the corner and measure 8' out and place a stake. This will be your point of reference for where you need to dig your first hole. Keep in mind that the fence posts need to be installed 8' on center. That means from the center of one post to the center of the next post measures 8'.

If you have 8' posts that are 4" x 4" you will need to go a minimum of 2' or a maximum of 4' depending on the height. Once you have the holes dug out, plumb the posts in the holes using 2 x 4 braces.

Then set those posts in the holes using instant post cement. On the back of the bag it will tell you the size of the hole and how much product you need. Take 3/4 the required amount of water. Dump that in the hole first, then take the product and dump that in a circular motion around the hole. Finally add the last part of water on top. That's it, no mixing; the only thing you should do is tap it with either a stick or a piece of rebar just to make sure you have the entire cement product covered in the water. Instant product sets really fast so you have a 10-20 minute window. On a warm day it will set in 10 minutes, but on a cooler day it may take you up to 20 minutes. In 10-20 minutes you'll be ready to go and you can take your bracing down and put the fences up.

To put the fence panels up, all you have to do is line them up along the posts, pre-drill your holes, and then attach the panels to the posts using deck screws. Make cuts to any panel as necessary with a circular saw. Make sure that you are checking to keep all panels level with one another as you move along. After all the panels are attached, cut off the tops of the posts that stick above the fence panels with a reciprocating saw.

Finishing up your fence can be as easy as keeping its natural look or adding a coat of stain or paint to the surface.