11 Fall Flowers to Have in Your Garden at Menards®

Just because summer is winding down does not mean your garden has to wind down with it. Incorporating perennials with gorgeous pops of fall color will keep your garden beautiful right into autumn. Get inspired with some of our top picks for beautiful fall perennials!

A wide variety of beautiful and unique flowering plants, chrysanthemums are essential for any fall garden. They are very easy to grow and do well on their own in full sun. Plant deeply in fertile, sandy soil for best results.
Zones 5 - 9.
Asters make a beautiful fall display of blue, purple or pink flowers. Grows best in sun to 3-4 feet and requires support.
Zones 3 – 9.
Goldenrod is an essential addition to your fall garden with four-foot shoots of cheery yellow color. Grows in full sun and well-drained soil.
Zones 4 – 9.
Witch Hazel
Witch hazel is a fun and whimsical tree or shrub that will add plenty of color to your garden. It blooms much later than other fall-blooming plants, generally starting in November. The burst of yellow and the fragrant buds will bring cheer to even the grayest late autumn landscape. Grow in full sun to partial shade.
Zones 3 – 9.
Helenium provides bursts of color in all the traditional fall colors. Grows best in full sun.
Zones 3 – 8.
  Russian Sage
Russian sage makes such a beautiful addition to your fall garden with purple-blue flowers that stand out among the reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn. Grows best in full sun and well-drained soil.
Zones 5 – 9.
Sedum is a very low maintenance plant that will look good throughout the seasons. Grows in sun and part sun.
Zones 3 – 10.
  Sweet Autumn Clematis
Clematis vines are a very hardy, vigorous vine plants grown on a post, arbor, or other structure. Grows best in part sun to sun.
Zones 4 – 9.
  Black-eyed Susan
This mass planting spreads late summer cheer with bright yellow or orange flowers. Grows in sun and part sun and prefers moist soil.
Zones 3 – 11.
Toad Lily
A very unique-looking flower, the toad lily will add a pop of whimsical color to your fall garden. Grows best in part sun to shade.
Zones 4 – 9.
The tall, beautiful shoots of gladiolus flowers will provide the perfect backdrop for your shorter fall flowers. In vibrant colors including pink, red, orange, purple and white, you can choose a variety and color to complement the surrounding garden. Plant the bulbs in the spring and dig them up in the fall if you live in zones 1 - 6; in zones 7 – 10 bulbs can remain in the ground year-round.