Choosing the Right Rug Pattern to Complement your Outdoor Space and Color Palette
Area rugs serve many purposes, even rugs meant for outdoor spaces. Rugs can create and retain warmth, complement a decor style, create a focal point, hide damaged floor surfaces or even protect flooring. Choosing the right area rug for a space in your home or for an outdoor space may seem like a daunting task. It is important to take colors, decor style and size into account when you are selecting a rug. Also, there are certain measures and techniques you can follow to make sure you choose the rug that best complements your patio or other outdoor living space.
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There are many different areas in which area rugs may be placed: under dining tables, large living/conversational areas and narrow
spaces. If the rug is meant to be placed under a dining table a good rule of thumb is to make sure the rug extends at least 18 inches
beyond the edge of the table and is able to accommodate coordinating dining chairs. In a large space with a conversational area the
furniture should sit on the first third of the rug. In cases where there is more than one conversational area the two rugs do not need to
match. In narrow spaces it is important to remember that rugs have at least six inches showing on long sides and shows at least 9 to 12
inches on both of the shorter ends.

These measurements are important to remember because if a rug is too large it can become overpowering for the space. On the flipside, if a rug is too small for a space, then the rug may appear awkward and may not fit in with the rest of the patio furnishings. Once you know the measurements you will need then it is time to think about color palettes and style of the space.
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Color and Style Palettes
A general guideline to selecting a specific color or style of area rug for your outdoor space is to match the colors in the rug to the color of your outdoor furniture. You could also use a specific rug pattern as a basis for a color scheme. However, if you are looking to match your rug to a specific style there are several possibilities. If your outdoor space is English or French Country styled then a flowery patterned rug would be the way to go. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns, as long as the colors coordinate the rug will be a lovely addition. If your style is more about being minimalistic and simple than a simple, solid or striped colored rug would be the way to go. Again the colors should coordinate for the best and most put-together outcome. For a more modern or contemporary style striped rugs or bold-printed rugs with geometric patterns would be the perfect choice.

In summary coordination and proportion is key when looking into outdoor area rugs. Match rugs to existing furniture styles and/or colors or create a color palette from your favorite rug style and don't be afraid of dual patterns. As long as colors coordinate in patterns they will work together quite nicely.
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