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Lookup Receipts

Menards.com makes it easy for you to keep track of your purchases with the online Lookup Receipts feature. With this convenient tool, there is no longer any need to shuffle through old receipts or go through the painstaking process of obtaining new ones. Menards.com provides simple, easy-to-use access right from your personal computer. All you need is a Menards.com account and your credit card.

1. First, sign in to your Menards.com account and click on "Lookup Receipts" in the "Welcome" drop-down menu. If you don't
     have an account, create one now. You can also access the Lookup Receipts page by going to your account page and
    clicking on the "Lookup Receipts" link under "Orders".

2. Once you are on the Lookup Receipts page, it is time to add a card. Click on the "Add Card" button. Then, using the major
     credit or Menards card that was used to make the purchase, enter the card information in the fields provided. When you are
     finished, click the "Save" button.

NOTE: You may add or delete cards any time by clicking on the "Payment Options" link under the "Options" section of your account.

3. Once your card is added, click on "Lookup Receipts" to view your past purchases.

The Lookup Receipts page offers several features to allow you to easily manage your past purchase information. Before you begin, be sure to select the credit card that corresponds to the purchases you are looking for by choosing from the "Credit Card" drop-down in the top left corner. If you only have one card saved to your account, the purchases of that card will be displayed by default.

1. Organize your purchases by date, store or total price simply by clicking on the respective headings above each category.

2. Filter your purchases according to the date you made them by clicking on "Any Date" in the top right corner. This will open a
     popup allowing you to select a specific range of dates in order to find a purchase. You may also filter purchases using the
     UPCs and SKUs of the items you purchased. To do this, click on the "Filter by SKU/UPC" button in the bottom left corner
     and enter a SKU or UPC in the provided fields.

3. View a specific purchase within the list by clicking on one of the "View Purchase" links to the right of the "Amount" column.
     This will allow you to see a brief summary of each item you bought in any given purchase, including the title, SKU, quantity
     and price of each item. To see the item's complete information, go to its detail page simply by clicking the SKU.

4. Save and print your purchase information by selecting one or more of the boxes under the "Select" column. Once you have
     the purchases selected, click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner. This will open a new page where you can save
     and print a PDF file of your purchase information.

Your past purchase information is important. That is why we always keep it saved on your Menards.com account, allowing you to access it any time. Print off receipts for return items, recall specific products you bought or simply look back at your purchasing history with Menards - it can all be done with ease using the Lookup Receipts feature.