DIY Christmas Decor at Menards®
Do-It-Yourself Christmas Décor Painted Paver Snowman How To Painted Paver Snowman Supplies

1. Apply two coats of white paint to your paver.

2. While the paint dries, make your snowman's hat: Take the knit glove and push the thumb in. Gather the remaining fingers and tie them together with a piece of string or ribbon. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut each of the four fingers into tassels.

3. Once the white paint is dry, draw the eyes, nose and buttons with a paint pen or metallic paint.

4. Place your new hat on the head of the paver and complete your snowman by fashioning a scarf out of tinsel garland, ribbon or fabric. Hold in place with hot glue.

Fantastic Plastic How To Fantastic Plastic Wreath Supplies

1. Cut your PVC into 4-inch sections and begin creating your wreath shape. Start by placing one PVC section in the center of your workplace and arrange your other PVC sections around it. Place each piece best-cut side down.

2. When you are satisfied with your layout, glue one section at a time by applying PVC cement to both sides of the two sections. Then, press them together, holding for about 30 seconds. Repeat this process until all the sections are joined together.

3. Allow your PVC wreath to dry for at least an hour before spray painting.

4. Once the paint is completely dry, drill two holes in two of the outermost side pieces. Make sure the selected side pieces are parallel to one another.

5. Thread a piece of flocked ribbon through both of the holes. Tie the ribbon at each end in a knot.

6. Finish your wreath by filling some of the empty spaces with colorful, shatterproof ornaments. Secure the ornaments in place with hot glue.

Terra-Cotta Christmas Tree How To Terra-Cotta Christmas Tree Supplies

1. Apply one coat of primer to the exterior and base of your terra-cotta pots and saucer.

2. Once the primer is dry, paint each of your Clay Pots with two coats of green paint.

3. Wait an hour or so for the paint to dry, then paint "ornaments" with metallic paint.

4. Once the paint is completely dry, stack the painted pots and saucer on top of another.

5. Slide a wooden dowel through the drainage hole at the top of the tree until it reaches the bottom of the saucer. Fasten a decorative tree topper, like a star ornament, to the top of your tree by hot gluing it to the end of the wooden dowel.

The Perfect Bow How To The Perfect Bow Supplies

1. Cut two pieces of wire-edged ribbon. Each piece should be long enough to wrap around the present more than twice.

2. Place one piece on top of the present. There should be an equal amount of ribbon on each side. Wrap the ribbon around the present and tightly twist where both sections overlap in the center of the present.

3. Drape the ribbon over the remaining sides. Tie a knot in the center of the present to secure.

4. Fold your second piece of ribbon so it's a tad shorter than the length of your present. Continue folding until there is no ribbon left to fold.

5. Place the folded ribbon on top of the present and secure in place by tying a knot with the first piece of ribbon.

6. Gently pull at the ribbon, fluffing each loop by bending the wired edges. Fold any remaining ribbon into the bow.