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Portable Sprinklers
Whether you're trying to grow greener grass or just trying to keep your flowerbeds alive, your yard will benefit from weekly watering sessions. Since your lawn cannot survive on rainwater alone, you should consider installing an irrigation system in your yard this year. These water-saving systems, which range from simple sprinklers to in-ground irrigation, not only hydrate your lawn, but they also save you time and money.
Ways to Water
Not all irrigation systems are created equal. In fact, some systems are created specifically for smaller lawns while others are meant to hydrate deep-rooting plants. When considering an irrigation system, make sure yours suits your yard's needs.
Portable Sprinklers
The easiest way to water your grass is with a portable sprinkler. Available in several sizes and styles, portable sprinklers can be used to provide both small and large lawns with an adequate amount of water. However, since each sprinkler system has a different watering distance, you'll need to select one that can supply your entire yard with enough water.

• Water lengthy lawns with a traveling sprinkler. This clever contraption waters while on the go, spewing water from its whirling arms as it roams up to 200 feet. You can determine the level of saturation by selecting one of three speed options, and activate its automatic shutoff to prevent water waste.

• Keep sizeable yards satisfied with a pulsating sprinkler. Using a powerful stream of water pressure, this device spins in a full or partial circle pattern and can water up to 85 feet in diameter.

• An oscillating sprinkler is the perfect water solution for larger, rectangular lawns and smaller, narrower garden plots. With its back-and-forth motion, an oscillating sprinkler can quickly water lawns up to 20 feet by 30 feet.
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Soaker Hoses
Soaker Hoses
Automated In-Ground Sprinkler Systems
While a sprinkler might be the best way to water a large lawn, a soaker hose is the most effective method when it comes to watering vegetable gardens or flower beds. A soaker hose is a perforated hose that slowly "weeps" water, delivering water directly to the plants' roots. This not only helps plants grow stronger and healthier roots, but it also reduces the possibility of plant damage and disease by eliminating water runoff. Simply attach the hose to an outdoor water faucet and snake it through your garden beds (above or below the soil surface); then, you're good to grow!
An automated in-ground sprinkler system is specially designed to create a controlled water flow without gaps or runoffs, making it a suitable irrigation option for both your lawn and garden. Using a network of underground pipes and risers, an in-ground sprinkler supplies water to its high-pressure sprinkler heads to evenly distribute water throughout an entire yard. And, unlike a portable sprinkler, an in-ground sprinkler can be programmed to automatically turn on and off with just a push of a button. The automatic sprinkler timer allows you to set a zone-by-zone watering schedule so your lawn will never miss a watering, even when you're not home.
Drip Irrigation
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Drip Irrigation Systems
Since conserving water is both an economic and environmental necessity, drip irrigation offers a simple solution to your watering woes. Whether buried beneath the soil surface or laid above ground, drip irrigation systems deliver water directly to the roots of plants through emitter tubing and drip emitters. Drip irrigation systems provide spot watering areas (vegetable gardens, flower beds, patios, hanging baskets and container plants) with just the right amount of water by slowly seeping into the soil, one drop at a time. You can even customize and control the water flow by spacing the drip emitters closer together, enabling you to water your plants with more precision.
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