Japanese Beetle Control at Menards®
Japanese Beetle Control
Is your yard and garden swarmed by Japanese beetles every year? Well, now's the time to take measures into your own hands. You can banish Japanese beetles from your yard and garden for good with these helpful control products. The most important thing to remember when using any control product is to follow the instructions listed on the container.
Skeletonized foliage will die within days.
Why Worry?
Banish Japanese Beetles
Considered to be one of the most destructive plant pests in the Midwest, Japanese beetles devastate yard and garden plants by attacking their foliage and by breeding in the soil underneath. Attracted to the scent of fragrant flowers, ornamentals and vegetable crops, Japanese beetles will chow down on your plants until there is nothing left. And as they feed, they will release a pheromone into the air, inviting other harmful pests to join in on the feast.
Stop the Invasion! 3 Ways To Ward Off Japanese Beetles
Spectracide<span class="registered">®</span> Ready-to-Spray Japanese Beetle Killer
Kill Japanese Beetles on contact with Spectracide® Ready-to-Spray Japanese Beetle Killer.
1: Ready-to-Spray, 2: Grub Control, 3. Bug Bag Traps
This fast-acting formula will help protect your flowers, trees and shrubs with just a few sprays. When the beetles come in contact with it, they will die. To use, simply hook it up to your garden hose and spray down your plants with an ample amount. Plus, Spectracide® Ready-to-Spray Japanese Beetle Killer won't just obliterate Japanese beetles, it will also eliminate aphids, whiteflies, bagworms and leafminers from your garden with every application!
Menards<span class="registered">®</span> Premium Grub Control Lawn and Landscape | Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus
Prevent and protect your lawn and garden with grub control.
When grubs are present, they will consume grass roots, leaving large brown areas where sod can easily be peeled away due to their compromised root system. If grubs are present, treat the area with Menards® Premium Grub Control Lawn and Landscape anytime from May through mid-August to provide season-long grub control. Once applied and watered in, Menards Premium Grub Control Lawn & Landscape will be absorbed by the plants' roots. When the grubs eat the roots, they will die. For heavy grub infestations, use Bayer Advanced 24 Hour Grub Killer Plus to control grubs within 24 hours of application. With these products, you can prevent grubs from turning into Japanese Beetles and enjoy the glorious growing season once more.
Spectracide<span class="registered">®</span> Bag-A-Bug<span class="registered">®</span> Japanese Beetle Trap
Control Japanese beetles through their own biology with bug bag traps.
By appealing to Japanese beetles' need to eat and mate, bug bag traps are able to lure Japanese beetles away from your garden with ease. Traps like Spectracide® Bag-A-Bug® Japanese Beetle Trap target Japanese beetles by emitting floral scents and natural sex attractants into the air through a controlled-release system. As the scent thickens, the beetles will follow it and unintentionally enter the trap. Lined with sticky paper, the trap will prevent the captured creatures from returning to your garden. By placing these types of traps around the edges of your yard, you can keep your garden free of Japanese beetles all summer long.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PU6NOBo95dA Spectracide® Controlling Japanese Beetles
Spectracide<span class="registered">®</span> - Controlling Japanese Beetles Video
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