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Master the "Art" of Bargains and Save BIG on Craft Supplies
Menards® has the supplies you'll need for all of your craft projects! Preserve all of your memories with our wide selection of picture frames. We offer frames in a broad range of sizes and materials. You can decorate a simple wooden frame with decorative finishes or spray paint or purchase a beautiful frame that is ready to hang. Acrylic and glass sheeting can be used in any number of projects including construction of picture frames, windows and more. Glass block is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use glass block for crafts to display lights, flowers or pictures. You can even use glass block to add unique accents to your garden by building a wall with the block.

Canning jars aren't just for canning your garden vegetables. The jars can be used for numerous crafts and gifts. Use them for baking, lanterns, putting together little kits and give as gifts or keep them for yourself. Cork and dry erase boards are great for entertaining children, playing games or keeping organized with lists and calendars. Add color or texture to your project with our selection of specialty paint and finishes, stencils and paint brushes. Planters and accessories are also great canvases for a wide variety of different crafts. You'll have all the tools for your project with our selection of multipurpose tools and hand tools. If you need to fasten or repair your project, we have the glue that will fit your needs.

The creative possibilities are endless with our huge selection of craft materials. Dowels, pins and plugs can be used in a multitude of projects while patterned duct tape and duct tape sheets are sure to keep the kids entertained. Wire can be used to form holiday figurines and tile and stone can be used for homemade coasters, art projects and more. Hardwood lumber and knobs and pulls also offer a variety of crafting options. Add a unique touch to your home by using decorative knobs on a piece of wood and hang it on the wall in your entry for coats and hats.

Our selection of murals and decals will get your creativity flowing while our window film and appliques can be used for privacy or for crafts. Once you're finished, show off your creation using hooks and mounting tape. Keep your craft supplies neatly stored and organized in one of our totes, bins or baskets.

Looking for craft ideas? Visit the garden center for projects and tutorials!