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Save BIG on Housewares at Menards®!
Save BIG on the housewares you use every day by shopping at Menards®. Keep your home clean and tidy with our wide selection of cleaning products. Our versatile all-purpose cleaners are useful for a variety of cleaning applications. Keep your floors spotless with our floor cleaners and angle, corn whisk and push brooms. Dispose of your garbage with durable garbage bags, garbage cans, wastebaskets and recycling receptacles. Use our laundry products to keep your clothes fresh and clean. Your white clothes will stay sparkling with bleach while the rest of your clothes will stay bright with our laundry detergent and stain removers. Your clothes will be soft and comfortable with our selection of fabric softeners. We also offer a variety of plastic and paper products that you use every day. Stock your kitchen with paper towels and napkins and your bathroom with bath tissue. Menards® also offers everything you need for cooking and food preparation. Chop up fruits and vegetables with one of our cutting boards along with something from our utensils and knives sets. We also offer food preservation and storage supplies to keep your leftovers fresh and canning supplies for delicious jams, salsa and more!