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Menards® offers a wide variety of screened porch systems. Fiberglass is the most economical choice for screen material as it will not dent when it is hit or pushed. Fiberglass screens are available in dark gray colors which offer a better view and appearance. Darker aluminum screens are less opaque than fiberglass screens, which gives them a better appearance from the exterior as they detract less from architectural features. Vinyl polyester screens are the ideal choice for screen doors or other applications that would benefit from a stronger material. Bronze or copper screens have a bright golden color that eventually weathers to a dark gray. Copper screens cost more than aluminum or fiberglass, but they last longer and are more resistant to denting than aluminum screens.

Retractable screens are a practical and attractive solution for traditional swinging entry doors, sliding glass doors, patio doors, double doors and French doors. When fully deployed, they have all the advantages of traditional screens, but when retracted, they blend with the door frame to provide a clear, unobstructed view. These screens are designed universally to fit on virtually all doorsills. They can be mounted on either side of your door with simple tools for right-sliding or left-sliding application. In addition, retractable screens can also be applied to double doors. Once you have chosen the screen for your screen door, window or screened porch, make sure you have the tools you will need for installation. The tools you might need include a tape measure, scissors, a utility knife, screen frame pieces and a pen or pencil. You may also need a rolling tool and a screen spline to secure the screen fabric.