Rough Electrical

Electrical Wire - 3692570
Load Centers - 3676198
Electrical Boxes - 3612127
Wiring Devices - 3639064 - 3631041
Electrical Wire
Load Centers
Electrical Boxes
Wiring Devices
Breakers - 3672176
Conduit - 3652072 - 3656286
Metal Conduit Fittings - 3651278
PVC Conduit Fittings - 3652769
Metal Conduit
PVC Conduit
Wiring Accessories - 015911
Fuses - 3677058
Strut Supports - 3656564 - 3656638 - 3656723
Surface Mount Raceways - 365-7154
Strut Supports
Surface Mount
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Menards has the products you need for your next rough electrical project. We carry all the electrical wire, wiring devices and wiring accessories you will need to wire a new home or building or to simply rewire and update your current property. Install electrical centers with our selection of load centers and electrical boxes. We also offer breakers and fuses that are durable and sure to last. Our other accessories and electrical products include conduit, metal conduit fittings, PVC conduit fittings, strut supports and surface mount raceways that are sure to help you keep your rough electrical in perfect working order.