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Save BIG Money on Health and Beauty Products from Menards!
Menards has everything you need to stock up on your health and beauty supplies. Be prepared for any emergency with our selection of pain relief and medication. Ease the symptoms of everyday ailments with our pain relievers, over the counter respiratory and digestive medications, first aid kits and supplies and antacids. Get instant relief from cold and flu symptoms with our cold medicine. You can also end allergy suffering with our selection of allergy medication.

Keep your smile bright and white with our oral care selection. We offer toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes to ensure your breath stays fresh and clean.

Take care of your hair, eyes and skin with our variety of products. Your hair will look healthy and stylish everyday with our selection of shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, hairstyling tools, hair gels and hair clips. Our quality eye care products include eye drops, reading glasses and sunglasses.

Keep your skin healthy with our selection of lotions and sunscreens. We carry hand and body lotions, sunscreens and body and foot powders. Manage your personal hygiene needs with our choices of cotton balls and swabs, nail clippers and tweezers and feminine care products.

Take care of your other hygiene necessities with a variety of soaps and deodorants. We offer hand soap, body washes, facial cleansers as well as men's and women's deodorants. Remove unwanted hair with our selection of shaving and grooming products. We have a variety of razors, shaving creams as well as other electric shavers.

You can also get your diet started or keep it going in the right direction with our selection of diet and nutrition products. We offer numerous natural supplements, protein supplements and weight loss supplements.