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Save BIG Money!® on Health and Beauty Products from Menards®!
Good health is beautiful! Menards® has everything you need to look and feel your best. Keep your teeth and gums healthy with our oral care products. Keep your teeth clean and white with our toothbrushes, toothpaste and mouthwashes. Our hair care products and accessories will keep your hair looking fabulous. Your hair will look shiny and healthy with our shampoos and conditioners. Use our blow dryers, curling irons, haircut kits and straighteners to create the perfect look and our hair sprays and hair gels to keep every strand in place. Our selection of hair clips, hair ties and hair accessories is the perfect finishing touch for your new hairdo. Protect your eyes and see clearly with our eye care products. Our eye drops will relieve a variety of unpleasant eye conditions. Read clearly without straining your eyes with a pair of our stylish reading glasses, or shield your eyes from the sun with our sunglasses. Use our selection of lotions and sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it moisturized. We offer many brands of hand and body lotion in a variety of scents. Our sunscreen will protect your skin from sunburn while you're outdoors, and you can easily reduce itching and scratching with one of our convenient powders. Menards® also offers a variety of personal care products to keep you clean and healthy, including cotton balls and swabs, nail clippers and tweezers and feminine care products. Keep clean and fresh with our selection of soaps, including hand soap, body wash, facial cleansers and more. Stay dry and fresh with our selection of deodorant for both men and women. We also offer shaving and grooming supplies for both men and women, including razors, shaving cream and electric shavers. Get back your good health when you're sick with our selection of respiratory and digestive medicines and pain relief and medications. We offer allergy medications to ease watery eyes and sneezing. Get rid of heartburn fast with our antacids, and calm down coughing with our cough medicine. Reduce fever and headaches with our pain relievers, and treat cuts and scrapes with our selection of bandages. Be prepared for any medical emergency with a convenient first aid kit. Give your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs with our diet and nutrition products. Get extra strength with our protein supplements, and give your body a natural boost with our selection of natural supplements. Lose weight faster with our weight loss supplements.