Indoor Growing at Menards®

Indoor Growing

Growing vegetables and herbs indoors is a practical hobby in the winter or even summer months if you do not have outdoor space. Some herbs actually grow better indoors. There are a few factors that you need to understand before attempting to grow indoors: proper lighting, good drainage and appropriate containers. Once you understand these three components, you will be set to grow anything indoors.

It is a good idea, when growing herbs and vegetables, to pick a southern or eastern facing window for maximum sunlight. If your plant requires other sources of light, arrange for a lighting system. If you do not have access to a lighting system for indoor growing, use a fluorescent shop light and mount it four inches above your plants.

Plants that grow best in indoor light are peppers, tomatoes, beans, ginger, leaf lettuce and chilies. If you have a small growing area, consider planting mint, an herb that does not take up a lot of space.

When deciding between container materials, keep in mind that plastic gets hotter than ceramic. Also, dark-colored pots and containers can absorb a lot of light, which takes vital nutrients away from the plant. Choose a container large enough to hold your plant upon maturity. For example, a coffee cup-sized container is too small for a pepper plant, and would result in your plant not surviving the growth period due to lack of space for the roots to grow.

Place rocks at the bottom of the container before adding soil. This will help with drainage and prevent root rot. If you do not have access to rocks, broken pottery pieces will work as well. Choose light drainage soil. Planting with soil that is too packed will create issues with draining, root establishment and proper growth. Water your plants with room temperature water daily or every other day. If your plants require more moisture or humidity, place a tray of pebbles with water under your plant.

With the proper lighting, good drainage and appropriate containers, your indoor growing efforts should be successful this year. Just remember to keep an eye on the plants and adjust accordingly if they are not growing properly.

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