Make Your Christmas Tree Last Through The Holidays at Menards®

Make Your Christmas Tree Last Through The Holidays

Finding the perfect Christmas tree for you and your family can easily be done with a little knowledge. Learning about the proper species and size of a tree that fits your needs can make a world of difference. Learning how to give the proper care will ensure longevity and enjoyment throughout the holiday season.

Types of trees: Selecting the best type of Christmas tree is a matter of preference. Keep that in mind when choosing a Christmas tree for you and your family. Menards® carries a variety of fresh cut Christmas trees so you will be sure to find one that fits best.

White Pine trees have soft flexible needles that are attached to flexible branches. Needles grow in groups of five and have good retention.

Scotch Pine trees have stiff branches and needles that grow in groups of two. The needles tend to hold well, even if the tree is very dry.

Fraser Fir trees have stiffer branches that are easier for hanging heavier ornaments. They have flat needles that grow individually off of the branches.

Douglas or Balsam Fir trees are available at some Menards® locations.

Douglas Fir trees have bluish green needles that grow individually off of the branch. They have flat needles and naturally symmetric branches.

Balsam Fir trees have a dark green appearance with long lasting needles and a pleasant fragrance.

Proper care: By learning how to properly care for your tree, you will have enjoyment throughout the holiday season.

Be prepared, before leaving your house to select a tree, measure the height and width of the area your tree will be displayed. Keep in mind that the location you place your tree in has an impact on the number of sides of the tree that can be shown. If you plan on placing the tree in a corner, only two sides need to be "perfect". If you plan on displaying your tree in front of a window with all sides exposed, you will want all sides of the tree to be "perfect". Usually these types of trees have a higher price tag. However, Menards® fresh cut trees are based on height, so you can find your "perfect" tree with BIG savings!

After you selected your tree that meets your specific height and width requirements, you should check the overall health of the tree. Lightly grasp one of the branches and pull, letting the needles run through your fingers. A fresh tree will have only a small amount of needles that fall off. Another way to test freshness is to shake or bounce the tree to see the amount of needles that fall off. It is ok to see brown needles; a tree produces brown needles each year.

Before bringing your tree home it is best to cover the tree with a tarp for transport to prevent it from drying out. Menards® sells tree removal bags also fitting this purpose and can be used when you need to remove the tree from your home. If you are not planning on immediately bringing your Christmas tree indoors, keep it out of the harsh elements (direct sun, wind, snow). Before bringing your tree inside cut one inch off the base of the tree at a slight angle. Make sure you shake the tree to avoid bringing loose needles inside your home.

Two key factors you need to keep in mind after you bring your tree indoors are watering and temperature.

Watering: Your tree will go through the most water in the first week. For every inch in diameter the trunk is, your tree will take at least a quart of water. So if your tree trunk is four inches in diameter, it will take at least four quarts of water a day, in the first week. Make sure your tree has water at all times! If the water levels go below where the trunk was cut, it begins to seal in as little as 4-6 hours. This will cause your tree to absorb less water and start the drying out process, resulting in needles falling off.

Temperature: Trees like cooler temperatures and a little humidity versus hot and dry weather indoors. A small humidifier can be placed near your tree to avoid any potential dryness in the air.

After Christmas there is a way to easily remove your Christmas tree from your home and options for use after.

The removal of your tree after the holidays can sound like a large and messy task. It doesn't have to be! If you take your tree outside before it gets dry, you will avoid a large amount of needles on the floor. If you placed a tree removal bag around the base before placing it in the tree stand, you just saved yourself a lot of hassle. Simply pull the bag up over the branches then remove the tree stand. If you did not place a tree removal bag around the base before placing it in the tree stand, you can still save yourself a lot of needles dispersed throughout the house. Simply remove the tree from the tree stand and then place the tree removal bag around the base and pull the bag up over the branches.

After the removal of your Christmas tree you have many options. Many areas have scheduled curbside pickup days. You can also use dried branches to start fires outside, or even an indoor fireplace. If you have access to a wood chipper your tree can be recycled for your mulching needs around your garden. Also, evergreen needles can be used for potpourri.

Finding your perfect Christmas tree can give you lasting enjoyment throughout the holiday season. By knowing the proper species of tree that fits your preference and finding one that is within your size restrictions, you made the first step towards a perfect Christmas tree. With the proper care, your tree will last through the holiday season and can have other uses after the holidays.

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