Ladder Golf

Any weekend is a great weekend to enjoy summer with a ladder golf game homemade from common building materials and a few golf balls.

Material List:
• Three 10' pieces of 3/4 inch PVC tubing
• 6 PVC elbows
• 6 PVC T's
• PVC glue
• 20' of rope
• 6 solid core golf balls
(Double the above list to make two goals)
• Colored tape (optional)
• Drill
Enjoy a blast of outdoor fun with backyard games homemade from common building materials. To build a ladder golf goal, you will need three 10' pieces of 3/4 inch PVC tubing, six elbows and six T's, PVC glue, 20' of rope and 12 solid core golf balls. Double the material list if you'd like to build two goals.

Cut the PVC into nine 24 inch pieces and six 12 inch pieces. Build a ladder with the 24 inch pieces as horizontal steps and the 12 inch pieces as vertical spacers. Use the T's to join the 12 inch pieces together, securing the joints with PVC glue. Construct the rungs of the ladder with three 24 inch pieces.

To build the base of the goal, join the three 24 inch pieces together with elbows. Build a base for each side of the ladder. When connecting the base pieces to the upright, skip the glue. Just slip the pieces together. This will make the goal easier to store.

Next, mark each rung with colored electrical tape to award points. The top rung is worth three points, the middle is worth two points and the bottom rung is worth one point. Use the solid core golf balls to create bolas for the game.

Wound center balls are difficult to drill a hole through. To make drilling easier, use a hand screw to secure each ball. After the holes are drilled, run 3/8 inch rope through the balls and tie knots to the balls are about a foot apart. Then cut off the excess rope. Make three bolas for each color rope. This will identify who's bola is who's. Throw the bolas from 15 feet away. Each player collects points in a race up to 30 points. You can even play in teams of two.

This fun, easy to build project can be completed for under $20.