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Create A Weed Free Garden

By following a simple routine you can enjoy a weed-free garden all season long. We call it the Preen Routine, a gardener's secret weapon against weeds. Preen is a weed preventer that stops weeds before they start by targeting their seeds.
Preen is activated by water, it bonds to the soil and creates a protective barrier that keeps weed seeds from sprouting and forming roots. Therefore, no roots, no weeds, no weeding! You can start your Preen Routine anytime before or during the growing season, however early spring is the best time to start. Once you begin the Preen Routine you will be weed-free for months!

Preen is very easy to apply, just sprinkle it on top of the soil or mulch. Exactly how much you should apply is listed on the label, for example, if you are using Preen Garden Weed Preventer it is about one ounce per 10 square feet. As a rule of thumb, the granules should be spread out evenly and you can use the same amount of Preen whether you are applying it onto soil or mulch.

Apply Preen when your garden is dry, if you apply Preen when your garden is wet the granules could stick to the leaves and cause damage and discoloration. You will need to water-in the Preen with a hose or sprinkler to activate the granules, or if a soaking rain is expected within the next day or so, let the rain do the work. If you cannot water immediately and rain is not expected, use a rake to work the granules into the soil or mulch. You should water-in or rake-in the granules as soon as possible because they are weakened by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The first application of Preen will protect your garden from weeds for up to three months. To keep your garden weed-free all season long, repeat your Preen Routine mid-season. After watering-in a new Preen application, keep people and pets out of your garden until dry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Preen should not be used near or drained into aquatic ecosystems, such as creeks, lakes and rivers. It is important to keep Preen away from your garden water, swimming pools, storm drains and other drainage systems. Sweep up any excess product from walkways and driveways to prevent runoff and staining. Preen Garden Weed Preventers are not to be used on lawns and should not be swept into the grass.

Preen has no expiration date. If you do not use all of your Preen it can be stored at any temperature, just be sure it stays dry and is tightly sealed. Do not store Preen on a porous surface, such as vinyl floors, to avoid staining.

As with all other gardening care products, it is important to read the product label and follow instructions.

Six Facts About Preen:
1.  Preen is America's #1 flower and garden weed preventer.
2.  Preen prevents weeds for up to three months. Simply sprinkle on top of the soil or mulch and then water.
3.  Preen can be used around trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers and roses.
4.  Preen needs to be watered-in to activate the granules which prevent the weeds from sprouting.
5.  Preen should be reapplied mid-season to keep the weeds from sprouting for up to three more months.
6.  "Preen works, so you don't have to!"

-Leabanon Seaboard