Create a Simple Paver Fountain + Video at Menards®
• Shovel (265-4113)
• Tin snips or aviation snips (244-7333)
• Marking spray paint or stakes and string
• 5 gallon pail
• 1 bag of paver leveling sand
• Two 6" x 6" pavers
• Decorative concrete pavers (enough to cover 30" x 30" area)
• Water pump (268-9834)
• Fountain head set (268-9856)
• 30" x 30" plastic sheeting (568-0137) or pond liner (268-9870)
• Two 10' sections galvanized masonry ladder (183-1166)
• 30" x 30" wire mesh (171-3121)
• Optional: plants, landscape stone

Turn an ordinary 5-gallon pail into this beautiful backyard fountain! Not only does this fountain add visual appeal to your landscaping, the sound of bubbling water can be a source of relief from a hectic day. Best of all, it's an easy weekend project. Watch the How-To video, then print these simple instructions for a material list and step-by-step, simple instructions.

Step 1
 Before you begin, check with your local utility or Digger’s Hotline. Also, you will need a ground-fault protected outlet nearby to power the fountain pump.

Step 2 
Determine where you want your fountain located, then measure and mark a 30 by 30 inch square. Remove any existing sod and dig down to a depth of 4 inches. This will leave room for the concrete paving blocks and a sand base for them to sit on. Center a five gallon pail in the area you just dug. Then, dig a 12-inch wide by 14-inch deep hole for the pail to sit in. Make sure the pail sits in the hole level. Pour sand around the pail and pack it in. Spread about 2 inches of sand on the area where the pavers will rest. Tamp the sand down and make sure it is level. Remove any sand that falls into the pail.

Step 3
Take two six-inch by six-inch concrete pavers and place them in the bucket for the fountain pump to rest on. Set the pump on the blocks. Then, cut a square of plastic large enough to cover the area you dug and lay it in place. Cut a hole for the pump nozzle and let the edges of the plastic overlap into the bucket.

Step 4
Pour water into the bucket so it covers the pump and plug the pump in.  Adjust the pattern of the spray.

Step 5
Cut two 10-foot sections of galvanized masonry ladder into 28-inch sections and lay them in a criss-cross pattern with the pump nozzle sticking up through them. We’ve also cut a square of wire mesh with a hole in the middle to help screen any smaller debris from falling into the bucket.

Step 6
Now start laying the paving blocks into place.

Step 7
Add finishing touches to your fountain by adding plants and decorative landscape stone like red lava pebbles which complement the look of the tumbled Belgian pavers.

This fountain can be part of a complete landscape makeover that includes patios, planters and more to create outdoor living space. Find everything you need for this project at your nearest Menards.