Lawn Care Tips at Menards®

Lawn Care Tips

A thick, lush lawn is the first thing people see when visiting your home. Keeping your lawn looking it's best is easier if you prevent disease and insect infestation with proper maintenance. Mowing is the most common form of lawn maintenance.

A sharp mower blade is critical. If the tips of your grass look brown or tattered, it's time to sharpen or replace the blade. Timing is also vital, mow in the early evening. This allows the grass to recover from the cut before being exposed to the heat of the sun.

It is also important to mow grass in a different direction each time. Mowing in the same direction every time causes grass to grow horizontally. This can leave your lawn susceptible to disease, insects and excessive thatch.

A mulching mower will save you time and money. A healthy, well maintained lawn will not develop thatch due to clippings. Grass clippings are 90% water and will generally decompose in a few weeks leaving your lawn naturally fertilized.

A great looking lawn needs good soil. Soil maintenance includes aeration, proper pH balance and organic material or fertilizer. Before buying fertilizer it's important to know what the numbers on the fertilizer bag means. The first number is the amount of Nitrogen. The second number is the amount of Phosphorus and the third number is the amount of Potassium. All three are key ingredients in the recipe for a healthy lawn.

Have your soil tested to know how much of each element is needed. Water deeply and infrequently. If you water a little every few days, roots grow close to the surface leaving your lawn unprotected during the dry weather. Healthy turf needs just one or two inches of water every week, including rainfall. Keep a rain gauge to determine how much watering is necessary.

Proper lawn maintenance will keep your yard growing green all season long.