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Tomatoes with GreenSmart and Unfed Zinnias with GreenSmart and Unfed

Nothing is more satisfying to a home gardener–whether your passion is flowers, vegetables or other types of plants–than producing healthy, fast-growing plants with bigger, brighter blooms for a more bountiful harvest…plants that reflect the pride it takes to cultivate them.

All Purpose Plant Food Flower and Bulb Food Tomato and Vegetable Food
Essential MINERALS
to stimulate growth
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Essential MINERALS for vibrant flowering
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Fortified with CALCIUM
and IRON
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Up to 12 weeks of continuous feeding Now Featuring GreenSmart

This new GreenView product line contains GreenSmart, a unique fertilizer
of conventional and organic fertilizer sources. GreenSmart sets the
stage for exceptional performance– providing plants the quick boost you
expect from a fertilizer, while setting them up for long-term vitality with a
slow-release nitrogen component from organic sources.

GreenSmart goes to work in the root zone of plants to promote
plant growth and improve soil fertility, it's just that simple.
It feeds the soil that feeds the plants.

Made by Lebanon Seabord Corporation