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Surebonder offers a wide range of fastening products including staple guns, staples, rivet tools, rivets and pneumatic tools. Surebonder gives you a great quality product at a value price!
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Great quality, great value, Surebonder. Staple Guns.
All In One Staple Gun
Light Duty Staple Gun
3-in-1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun
• Drives any type of heavy duty staple - narrow crown, power crown, wide crown & medium crown
• Easy drop-in loading
• Uses 1/4" thru 9/16" staples
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• Durable staple gun for household repairs & more
• Cushioned rubber handle
• All steel construction with chrome finish
• Uses 1/4", 5/16" & 3/8" Surebonder® No.3 or Arrow® JT21® staples
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• Drives narrow crown staples, brads and pin nails
• Easy drop-in loading
• Heavy duty all-steel construction
• Uses 1/4" thru 9/16" Surebonder® No. 4 or Arrow® T50® staples, Surebonder® No. 8 brad & No. 9 pin nails
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Rivet Tool Kit
Swivel Head Rivet Tool
• "Easiest Staple Gun You'll Ever Use"
• Trigger Mode for Easy One handed operation
• Durable Lightweight Aluminum Construction
• Easy Drop IN Loading
• Uses Surebonder®No.4 or Arrow® T50® Staples
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• Lightweight Easy to Use (MORE POWER THAN ELECTRIC)
• "Bump Fire" for Fast Stapling
• Uses Surebonder® No. 4 or Arrow® T50® Staples
• Easy Drop In Loading
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Glue guns
Industrial Glue Gun
Dual Temp Glue Gun
Cordless Glue Gun
• Professional Series
• 100 Watts
• Interchangeable Nozzles
• Ergonomic comfort grip and long trigger for less effort
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• Dual Temperature
• 40 Watts
• High/Low Switch
• Uses Standard Glue Sticks
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• High Temperature
• 80 Watts for High Output
• Interchangeable Nozzles
• Large Lever Handle for Easy Use
• Uses Standard Glue Sticks
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