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United Steel Products Company is a metal fabricating manufacturer serving the residential and commercial building industries throughout the United States. USP's product line encompasses standard construction hardware for light construction and DIY users, as well as a complete line of connectors for commercial applications. This full-range product line is backed up by an
in-house engineering staff, technical assistance team and Customer Service. Made in the U.S.A.
Concealed, Strong, Safe
Face Mount Joist Hangers
Gold Coat Screws
Gold Coat Nails
Joist Hangers
LumberLok Structural Connector Screws - Designed specifically for attaching wood connectors!
Salt Spray Tested! Protect against corrosive elements with GoldCoat's Revolutionary Double Barrier Protection System
Replaces Nails! Structurally Rated.
Gold Coat Post Anchors
Hurricane/Seismic Anchors
Skewed Hangers