Owner Operator Testimonials at Menards®
What Our Owner Operators are Saying
At Menards®, we take pride in providing great opportunities for our drivers. But don't just take our word for it, listen to some of our current driver's stories from their work experiences with Menards®.
"I was a factory worker for seven years before I became an owner operator a year and a half ago. I like driving a lot better, I didn't like working indoors, and now I have a lot more freedom. Menards® put me in touch with the company I am leasing my truck from and now I get to set my own schedule and take time off when I need it. As an owner operator I can work extra hours when I need extra money or have a shorter day when I need the extra time."
Waak Trucking
"I was a company driver for 15 years before I joined the Owner Operator program. I needed a truck and Menards® pointed me in the right direction. I like being able to set my own schedule and be home every night. The preloaded trailers save me a whole lot of time and make me more productive. Being able to drop and hook trailers at the stores keeps me from sitting around while my driving time ticks away."
Triple J Transport
"Being an Owner Operator is a completely different lifestyle. For 12 years I was a company driver for another company. Now I am able to decide when I work and when I don't. I have a family and it is important for me to be home with them as much as possible. I like the people that I work with on a daily basis, they are friendly and do a good job."
Beir Trucks
"Working with Menards® is a really good experience. Before I joined the Owner Operator program I was a company driver for 15 years. I am able to set my own schedule and Menards® is really easy to work with as far as if you need to take time off. Preloaded trailers are always a good thing and the people in the office are really nice to work with."
MRC Trucking
"I like being an Owner Operator better than being a company driver because we're home every night. I like the variety of going to different places. It isn't boring. My loads are different every day."
Langel Trucking