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Menards carries a wide variety of beverages that you can keep stocked every day or for special occasions! We offer a variety of coffee, creamers, cappuccino and tea. Our more popular brands of coffee include Caribou, Maxwell House, Folger's and Gevalia. We have coffee in whole bean, ground and K-cup varieties. For tea drinkers, our hot tea selection includes blends by Bigelow, Glen Mere and Celestial Seasoning. Our ice tea supply includes teas by Arizona and Claire Baie.

Our juice selection is perfect for those who like to start the day off with a cool drink. We offer many flavors of juices by Everfresh, Ohana and Parade as well as V8 juices. Our selection of Hi-C, Minute Maid and Apple and Eve juice boxes, Capri Sun and Kool-Aid juice pouches work great for kids on the go.

For those who need an extra boost we offer a selection of soda and energy drinks. Our soda supply includes cases of Shastasoda in popular flavors such as root beer, cream soda, black cherry, Tiki Punch among many others. The soda is also available in diet varieties. We also carry energy drinks. Choose from a variety of Rip It energy drinks or Red Fin energy shots.

Active lifestyles need to be nourished with hydrating liquids. For this we offer an assortment of sport drinks such as multiple flavors of Gatorade, Powerade and VS as well as Vitamin Water and bottled water. We also carry a variety of powdered drinks and mixes. Some of the more popular brands of powdered drinks and mixes include Carnation, Country Time, Crush, Crystal Light, Dasani, Gatorade, Powerade, Propel, Sunkist, Hawaiian Punch and Icee that you can use to give your water a burst of flavor.