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Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs provide a safer, more comfortable bathing experience without sacrificing style.
Reduce Accidents
Most home accidents are caused by slips and falls in the bathroom when people lose their footing by stepping onto the slippery, wet surface of a bathtub or shower. The task of stepping in and out of standard tubs can be difficult for many and a walk-in tub can help overcome the difficulties of bathing in a standard tub. Walk-in tubs are extremely easy to use because there is only a small ridge to step over and many offer a high seat making it easy to sit down, stand up, soak and relax.
Massaging Features
Some walk-in tubs have massaging features to increase circulation and relieve arthritis, rheumatism and back pain. By installing a walk-in tub you can enjoy a luxurious bathing experience in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, walk-in tubs are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit your space and needs.
Air Message Walk-In Tubs
Jet Massage Walk-in Tubs
Safety Tubs Walk-in Tubs Video
Air massage walk-in tubs fill your bath with therapeutic air bubbles that stream from tiny holes surrounding the tub wall.
Jet massage walk-in tubs have powerful jets for an energizing massage and the option to adjust jet flow rate and direction.
This video shows walk-in tub systems in action and explains the exclusive safety and convenience features these tubs offer.
Dual Massage Walk-In Tubs
Soaking Walk-In Tubs
Virtual Tour
Dual massage walk-in tubs offer the softer bubbles and invigorating jets of an air massage and jet massage walk-in tub.
Soaking walk-in tubs offer a variety of styles to meet your needs and taller walls to allow you to soak and relax more comfortably.
Take a Safety Tub walk-in tub virtual tour! Experience dual, jet and air massages and see how the Minute Drain system works.