Bathroom Accessibility at Menards®
Bathroom Accessibility
Many home injuries are caused by slips and falls in the bathroom when people lose their footing on slippery, wet surfaces. By making small adjustments, you can make your bathroom easier to use and safer for you or a loved one.

Fortunately, it is not difficult to improve the accessibility of your bathroom and not all improvements require a complete bathroom remodel. With a few simple updates to your bathtub, sink or toilet, you can easily add a measure of safety to your bathroom and get peace of mind.
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Bath Safety
Reduce the risk of bathroom accidents by installing bath safety products. They are available in a variety of styles to fit your needs and complement your decor.
By installing a lever handle, motion-activated or touch faucet, your bathroom can be easier to use with no large remodeling project required!
An accessible shower is the perfect solution to making your bathroom easier to use. There are many options available to meet your needs.
• Grab bars make it easier to safely move around your
• Shower/bath benches allow you to use your shower or
  bath more comfortably
• Non-slip mats help prevent slips and falls
• Handheld showers and slide bars let you position the
  showerhead so it is easier to reach
• Can be operated with one hand or hands-free
• Does not need to be tightly grasped
• No need to twist your wrist to operate
• More comfortable to use
• Shower doors that are at least 32" wide make it easier
  to get in and out
• Built-in or flip-up benches allow you to shower in
• Larger floor space provides you with more room to
• Having a shower floor height that is level with the
  bathroom floor height reduces the risk of trips
Walk-In Tubs
Wall Mounted Sinks
To make your toilet more accessible, install an elevated toilet seat with handles or a taller toilet for a more comfortable seating position.
Walk-in tubs provide a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. They can help overcome the difficulties of stepping in and out of standard tubs.
Make your bathroom more accessible with a more approachable sink. By installing a shallow or wall-hung bath sink, your bathroom will be easier to use!
• A 17" tall toilet creates a more comfortable
  seating position
• Elongated toilets provide you with more surface area
• An elevated toilet seat with handles makes your toilet
  easier to use
• Positioned grab bars along the wall near your toilet
  prevent falls
• Reduces accidents
• Easy to get in and out of
• Massaging features relieve aches and pains and
  improve circulation
• Offers a high seat to make sitting and standing easier
• Sinks no deeper than 6-1/2" are
  easier to clean
• Sinks that extend at least 17" from the wall are easier to
• Counter or rim needs to be 34" from the finished floor
  to allow access from a wheelchair
• An obstacle-free path to your sink reduces trips and