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Baby Changing Stations
Brooms & Brushes
Commercial Carpet Care
Commercial Cleaners
Dust Mops
Hand Dryers
Housekeeping & Service Carts
Microfiber Products
Odor Control
Sweeping Compound
Wet Mopping
Cleaning Products
Brute Utility Garbage Containers
Confidential Garbage Containers
Garbage & Receptacle Liners
Indoor Decorative Garbage Containers
Indoor Utility Garbage Containers
Commercial Paper & Soap Dispensers
Washroom Paper Products
Workplace Paper Products
Outdoor Decorative Garbage Containers
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Store Front Containers
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Air Curtains, Impact Doors & Vinyl Strip Doors
Drain Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
Save BIG on Janitorial Products and Supplies at Menards®!
Menards® has everything you need to keep your janitorial products and supplies well stocked. Your floors will always be spotless with our selection of brooms and brushes, buckets, commercial carpet care, commercial cleaners, dust mops and wet mopping products. For dusting and other miscellaneous chores our housekeeping and service carts, microfiber products, cleaning products, sponges, squeegees, sweeping compound and towels will help keep your commercial properties neat and clean. We also have baby changing stations and odor control products to help keep your commercial space environmentally pleasant. We also sell a variety of waste management products, including Brute Utility garbage containers, confidential garbage containers, indoor and outdoor decorative garbage containers, indoor utility garbage containers, recycling containers, smoking management receptacles and store front containers as well as garbage and receptacle liners. Our quality supply of paper products includes commercial paper and soap dispensers, washroom paper products and workplace paper products. We also carry air curtains, impact doors and vinyl strip doors and drain cleaning equipment and supplies to help you keep your property in tip-top shape.