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Sylvania Lighting Regulations and Legislation. Click here to learn more about the changes affecting your lighting.
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Save BIG on Lighting and Electrical Materials and Supplies at Menards®
Maintain or install electrical power in your businesses or commercial properties with the wide selection of materials and supplies at Menards®. Add a measure of safety to your commercial building with emergency and exit lighting or light up your workspace with our selection of lighting options including: ballasts, interior fluorescent and commercial lights, exterior commercial lights, fluorescent lighting, light bulbs, recessed lights and work lights. We also have lighting hardware and accessories to help you with the installation process. If you are planning to install new switching and control features we carry circuit breakers, fuses, circuit protection and distribution and wall plates for any product. Make sure the power is always running for your commercial properties with our selection of generators and alternative power generating, generator panels and transfer switches and generator cords. For smaller office equipment we offer batteries and battery chargers. Wiring a new building or rewiring an old building is an intricate task and Menards® has all of the tools you need. We sell conduit, electrical boxes and covers, electrical tools, electrical wire, extension cords and outlet adapters, support struts, surface mount raceways, terminals and connectors as well as all of the wiring accessories and devices to complete any project.