Fire Feature Trends in Patio Furniture
One of the more recent trends in patio furniture is adding sublime and elegant ambiance with fire features. These fire features are implemented into patio furniture by including a fire strip. The fire strips are usually built into a dining table or bar height table. Sterling is on top of providing the very latest in outdoor decor and offers a collection of this nature, the Clayton Collection. The Clayton bar height table is flawlessly designed with elegance and contemporary style in mind. The delicate porcelain tiled top features a fire strip with a self-starting ignition system so you can bask in the ambiance and glow of the flames. The collection also includes seating for six in its Alumicast swivel barstools.
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Fire strips are not the only option for including fire features into patio furniture, fire pit tables
are also becoming popular among today's patio furniture designers. The bases of these
tables tend to include storage for an LP tank while the tops are elegantly designed with style
and detail in mind. Sterling has two such collections, the Santa Maria Collection and the
Shasta Collection. Sterling's Santa Maria Collection features a charming round stained glass
top table with fire pit and matching shroud. The top features intricately detailed stained glass,
sleek designs and a rust-free aluminum frame. The fire pit is paired with fire glass to create
warm and ambient glow. The shroud features a detachable door to hide an LP tank. The Shasta Collection creates a classically cozy scene with its 48 inch round porcelain top with fire pit. The fire pit features both radiant lava rocks and glossy fiberglass logs to provide incredible contrast, depth and luminosity to your outdoor area. Like the Santa Maria Collection you can also shrewdly conceal a propane gas tank from view with the classic modern detail work of the fire shroud which mimics the structure of a table base. Both collections also include four Aluminum Cushioned chairs.

One of the more popular accessories to fire feature trends includes fire glass or fire glass beads. The reason that fire glass is becoming so popular is because it burns clean and there are no fumes or carcinogens emitted when burning fire glass. The glass rocks and beads also provide a beautiful appearance and simply add to the ambiance of the space especially when in use.

Including a fire feature in your outdoor space has many benefits. Tables with fire features make the perfect place for a fireside meal, drinks for chats. Fire features also provide warmth for evening gatherings in your outdoor space. Thirdly, fire features provide entertainment, enhance your space and make a stylish statement. Fire tables with artistic themes can also act as a stand alone piece or provide function and unison of decor. Lastly, tables with fire features are engineered with the latest technology for energy efficiency so you can feel confident in your choice to add ambiance and elegant style to your patio, deck or other outdoor living space.
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