Patio Furniture Selection Guide
If you are planning on holding outdoor gatherings this season, your patio may need an update; but what do you choose to best complement the space? There are many things to take into account when searching for the perfect patio collection. Size of the space, forms of use and the climate you live in are probably the most important factors. It is critical to measure your deck or patio before buying furniture so you know what will fit in the space. It is also advised that you get the measurements of the furniture itself before you buy it.
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Think About the Use of the Space
Patios and decks can be used for so many things. It is important to decide how you will use your space. The possibilities are endless,
coffee in the morning, wine in the evening and quiet family dinners or even large gatherings if you have the space. There are several
different options for all of these uses. If you simply want a place to sit down and drink coffee or wine then a pair of sumptuous arm chairs,
rockers, swivel gliders with a pair of ottomans and a simple end table between the chairs would suffice. You could also look for a bistro
set which adds an elegant touch to any small balcony or terrace.

There are more options if you have a larger patio space and would like to find pieces with a more relaxed look. Outdoor living rooms
work well in situations where the space will be used for drinks and socialization. These sets often consist of a sofa, loveseat, arm chair,
an end table and a coffee table. Outdoor living rooms add a feeling of relaxed and casual ambiance. If larger gatherings are what you anticipate then a dining set with a large table and chairs may be what you are looking for.

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Dining collections come in all shapes and sizes from seating for four to seating for six. They also vary in height. They can be normal height or counter height. Some of our dining sets also have fire features to aid in taking the chill off of cool summer nights.

If your space allows, another idea is to arrange the new patio furniture into zones. One zone can be for lounging where you have your pair of chairs with an end table in-between or an outdoor living room set. The other zone can be for a dining set. Allotting specific zones to your outdoor space not only enhances seating room and makes guests more comfortable, it also allows for organized and cohesive movement throughout.
Analyze the Space
A good idea is to take the furniture measurements and some chalk and map out where everything will go. This will enable you to picture the space you will have once all of the furniture is there and you will be able to make sure you have ample space for your desired patio furniture set. If you plan on getting a dining set, remember that chairs take up roughly 24 inches and to leave 24-36 inches of space behind the chairs in order to walk around the table.
Materials and Climate
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Another factor in your decision should be the materials the furniture is made out of. You want the furniture to be durable and to be able to withstand certain elements depending on the type of climate you live in. Sterling offers varying frames depending on the collection. Here is what you should know about the frames in the Sterling line: wrought iron is extremely durable and will last a very long time but should be washed with warm, soapy water before and after the summer season and any chips in the paint will need to be touched up. Aluminum is a choice that requires less maintenance, is much lighter than wrought iron and will not rust. Our resin wicker furniture is also a good choice. If you like the look of wicker furniture but would like something that lasts longer you could try resin wicker. Resin wicker looks like wicker but is much more durable and is wrapped around a steel or aluminum frame making it the perfect choice for achieving a long lasting wicker look.

If you live in a climate that has harsh winters then it is important to make sure your furniture is placed in a storage area or covered with furniture covers or heavy-duty tarps. Patio furniture will not last as long if it is not protected from a winter climate.
Accessory Storage
If you desire to have patio furniture that includes our lush cushions or pillows it is also a good idea to have a place to store them in. A decorative outdoor crate, shed or a simple storage box would work just fine for this. While our cushions and pillows are encased in all-weather material, storing them when not in use will extend the life of the fabric so your furniture can look superb for years to come.

The factors to consider may be seemingly endless when deciding to invest in patio furniture. If you follow a few simple guidelines your patio will be the place to be in the warmer months. Just remember to measure first and plan ahead; you won't be disappointed.
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