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Get Organized and Save BIG at Menards®!
Get your entire home organized with storage and organization products from Menards®! Whether you need to organize your home, office or garage, Menards® has the products you need to store and organize all of your items.

We have versatile products to help get you organized. Cart and drawer units and storage cubes and drawers are multipurpose storage solutions that are great for any room in your home. Adding shelves and shelving units is a great way to organize your items because they are visible and easy to access. Totes, bins and baskets are great for everyday and seasonal storage because they provide a place to store and organize your items. Bookshelves are great for organizing your book collection, but you can also use them to display knickknacks and photos.

We also have organization tools for certain areas of your home or specific storage problems. Have a custom kitchen setup with kitchen cabinets, organizers and food storage products so you can easily find the items you need to prep, cook and clean with at every mealtime. Overwhelmed by piles of laundry? Keep it off the floor and sorted with our selection of laundry organizers. Adding closet organizers to your closet will help streamline your morning routine by making it easier to pick out the perfect outfit. Place any of our shoe racks, trees and shelves in your entryway and you won't have to worry about tripping over piles of shoes again! Decorative hooks and mounting accessories are versatile organizing tools that can be used to hang coats in the entryway or towels in the bathroom. Give your bathroom a relaxing atmosphere by keeping all of your products contained with bath organizers.

Your home isn't the only area that might need to be organized. Your garage and yard building may be cluttered with tools, equipment and outdoor seasonal items that are in storage most of the year. Keep these items in order with garage and outdoor organizers so you can use these spaces more efficiently.

Create the ideal closet organization system for any room in your home or garage with the Easy Track™ online design tool.