Tape at Menards®
Duct Tape - 5643018
Drywall Tape - 1313068
Painters Tape - 5643110
Electrical Tape - 3646004
Duct Tape
Drywall Tape
Painters Tape
Electrical Tape
Heat Tape - 6792875
Seam Tape - 7098216
Weather Stripping - 5672019
Measuring & Layout Tools - 2376522
Heat Cables
Seam Tape
Weather Stripping
Measuring &
Layout Tools
Carpet Tape - 7091067
Thread Tape & Sealants - 6791810
Packaging Tape - 5643047 - 5643034
Mounting Tape - 5643058
Carpet Tape
Thread Tape & Sealants
Packaging Tape
Mounting Tape
HVAC Tape - 5643025
Tread Tape - 5642601
Roofing Tape - 1519816
Dispensers & Tape Tools - 5640001
Foil Tape
Tread Tape
Roofing Tape
Dispensers &
Tape Tools
Don't Forget! Save BIG Money on Tape at Menards!
Don't forget the tape! Menards has the tape you need for any project. The most popular, and perhaps most durable tape is duct tape. We offer a wide variety of duct tape available in multiple colors and prints. Easily paint a room without splattering paint on your doors or mouldings with our selection of painter's tape. Make sure your boxes arrive safely in the mail by sealing them with our packaging tapes, and our selection of electrical tapes will cover any of your electrical wiring applications. Try our carpet and seam tape to help finish your carpet and vinyl flooring projects. Use our foil tape to help seal your ductwork projects for the best results. You can also keep your pipes and gutters from freezing during the colder months by using our heat cables. We also sell thread tape to stop leaky pipes or for the installation of shower heads. Our selection of roofing tape will help you fix a leaky roof and weather stripping will help you keep the elements out. In addition, we have tape dispensers & tools for packaging and drywall tapes. We also offer measuring tapes and layout tools to help you complete your project.